Deadlines faculty newsletter first semester 2023-2024

Date of news: 14 December 2022

The faculty newsletter is published every two weeks on a Tuesday, and is sent to all staff members and students of the faculty (English and Dutch). Input may be sent to, preferably:

  • as a text of maximum 50 words
  • with an image
  • with a link to a longer message or event

The newsletter is sent out every fortnight on the Tuesday after the deadline. Check out the next deadlines here.

Deadlines for content

  • Tuesday, 29, August
  • Tuesday, 12, September
  • Tuesday, 26, September
  • Tuesday, 10, October
  • Tuesday, 24, October
  • Tuesday, 07, November
  • Tuesday, 21, November
  • Tuesday, 05, December

Thank you in advance for your contribution!