Internship abroad

You don’t necessarily need to study abroad, you can also opt for an international internship, combining work experience with a period abroad. For instance, you can look for an internship at a university, company, (educational) organisation or training centre in Europe. Usually there are specific requirements per programme for internships. Therefore, always contact your programme's internship coordinator. Or contact Ignace de Haes (Career Service FTR) for a first impression of the options.

Are you considering an internship abroad? Please come by at the International Office FTR at an early stage, for information on grants, search options and other practical advices.

Finding an internship

There are different ways to find an internship. You can react to a vacancy or make open applications, either with or without the help of a lecturer. The International Office FTR might also be able to give you interesting options, based on the experiences of other students.

Besides that, there are several websites that list international internships. Here you can find a small (and definitely not exhaustive) selection:

If you are interested in a work placement in (or around) St. Petersbrg, Cairo, Rabat, Istanbul, Athens or Rome, then you might want to contact one of the Dutch Scientific Institutes Abroad. These institutes encourage contacts between students and universities & government bodies in the country of your choice. They often also offer language courses and accommodation.

Sometimes you can write part of your master's thesis abroad, if you find a co-supervisor at the guest university and if your Nijmegen supervisor agrees on this co-supervision. We call this a research internship. If you are interested in this option, please ask your supervisor about his or her international contacts. For students of the Research Master Philosophy a stay at a Max Planck Institute is an option.

Financial support

If you opt for an internship abroad (for at least two months) you can apply for a grant. Please find the exact conditions at the website of the Central International Office: Erasmus+ grant (within Europe) or an Individual Travel Grant (outside of Europe).

Internship/work placement after graduation

The new Erasmus+ programme also provides you with the opportunity to experience a work placement abroad after completing your studies, however this is restricted to the first year after graduation! This could provide a real boost towards an international job, as you could use this to gain exceptional work experience whilst adding depth to your CV. This is a grant to finance your ambitions after you graduate, but remember that you will need to get your application in during your final academic year.