Summer Schools

The International Office offers grants for short stays abroad, which can be used for international events both within the Netherlands and in other countries. The grants are often used for so-called Summer or Winter Schools or for a stay at a Dutch Institute Abroad (NWIB), but they can also be used for other events that meet the conditions. A short stay abroad is the perfect occasion to gain some international experience during your summer (or winter) holidays: you can discover a new environment while simultaneously gaining ECTS.

The faculty has 10 grants to offer yearly (view the Team Student Life and Mobility website for the specific amounts), and an additional 4 grants worth €500 for an international short course within the Netherlands. The grants are allocated on a first come, first serve basis, so be sure to send in your application as soon as you can!

What are the requirements?

The requirements for a grant application are as follows:

  • You receive ECTS for the event*;
  • You are enrolled as a fulltime Bachelor or Master student at the faculty (for a stay within the Netherlands, premaster students may also be eligible for a grant);
  • The duration of your stay is minimum 5 consecutive days and maximum 6 weeks;
  • The event is organized either abroad or in the Netherlands at another university than Radboud University, and has an international element (international audience with international students and/or teachers);
  • The event is relevant for your studies or for your personal development;
  • You have not received a Short Stay grant before;
  • The event takes place minimum 2 weeks after your grant application.

It may also be possible to receive a grant for an online event. In that case you will receive a contribution for your tuition fee.

*If you wish to incorporate the ECTS you receive into your study programme (for example as part of your free minor or as a substitution for a Radboud course), then you should send a request to the examination board.

How to apply for a grant?

Destinations abroad

For destinations abroad, you can apply for your grant through Osiris, where you have to fill out a form and answer some questions. For instructions on how to start your short stay grant application, feel free to download this document (docx, 1 MB)

You can find more detailed information on the Team Student Life and Mobility website.

Destinations in the Netherlands

For destinations within the Netherlands, you can apply for your grant by sending an email directed to Svenja van der Tol at, including the following documents:

  • A link to the event;
  • A short motivation letter;
  • A letter of recommendation written by either a study advisor or a teacher;
  • A filled-out budget estimation (docx, 58 kB).

After the event has finished, you send another email to the same email address including the following documents:

  • A Certificate of Attendance, which mentions the amount of ECTS you received;
  • An overview of your expenses and proof of payment (receipts etc). The definitive grant will be determined based on the expenses you made (75% of your expenses, with a maximum of €500);
  • A short report of your Summer School, which can serve as information for future students.

It may also be possible to receive a payment in advance if this is necessary.

How do I find an event?

There are various ways to find a Summer or Winter School:

  • You can find a selection of possibly interesting Summer and Winter schools on our website (in the menu on the left side) and some discounted options on the Team Student Life and Mobility website;
  • View the courses offered by Dutch Institutes Abroad here;
  • Find selections on the websites Summer Schools in Europe, Summer Study Abroad or Short Courses Portal;
  • You can also find something entirely by yourself. For example, Google on "Summer School" or "Winter School" and a topic that has your interest or the name of a university where you would like to go. Keep in mind that receiving ECTS is a requirement to receive a grant. If you are in doubt whether a certain event is allowed, you can always ask the International Office.
  • Has the event's application deadline already passed? You can always send the organization an email to ask if there is still a possibility to sign up.
  • When you find an interesting Summer School, you can contact the organization for more information and to sign up.

Please keep in mind: not all Summer Schools are open for Bachelor students. If you are not in your Master yet, it is important to pay attention to the admission requirements. And vice versa, if you are a Master (or advanced Bachelor) student, be sure to check the level of the course and whether there is still something new to learn for you. (A lot of Summer Schools are also open for PhD students.)

More information? Download the powerpoint presentation of the information session about short stays here (pptx, 11 MB).


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