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Naezer, M. (Marijke)

Research Topic

In my research project I investigated how Dutch young people with different backgrounds perform sexuality in social media. Experiences and opinions of youth are analyzed using both quantitative and qualitative research methods such as a survey, participant observation, focus groups and individual interviews. A short film and blogs about my research are published on the website of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) project "Faces of Science". This project aims to inform people (especially youth in the process of making choices with regard to their education/career) about what it means to be a scientist. See also kennislink.

I was invited by the Universiteit van Nederland to speak about my research for a larger audience (in Dutch). In this 15 minute lecture I aim to answer the question 'Why is a guy a player, while a girl is a slut?'.

I was interviewed about my research (in Dutch) on NPO Radio 1.

Key publications

  • Naezer, M., (2018) ‘From risky behaviour to sexy adventures: Reconceptualising young people's online sexual activities’, in Culture, Health and Sexualityhttp://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13691058.2017.1372632
  • Naezer, M., Rommes, E. and Jansen, W, (2017) ‘Empowerment through sex education? Rethinking paradoxical policies’, in Sex Education. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/14681811.2017.1362633
  • Naezer, M. (2015) ‘Zijn zoals je bent: De mythe van het seksuele zelf in sociale media’, in S. Dudink en L. Plate (Eds.) Mythen van gender: Essays voor Willy Jansen, Nijmegen: Vantilt.
  • Naezer, M. (2015) ‘Liefde, lust & leren: Jongeren en seksualiteit op social media’, in Raffia 27(1).
  • Naezer, M. en Klungel, J. (2012) De kracht van spreken. Dertig levensverhalen over seksuele kindermishandeling. Utrecht: VSK.
  • Naezer, M. (2011) Ouders aan het woord: over vader- en moederschap na seksuele kindermishandeling. Utrecht: VSK.
  • Beek, I. van, Naezer, M. en Schakenraad, W. (2011) ‘Van bagatelliseren naar bekwamen. Visie op en hulp na seksueel misbruik 1945-2010', in W. Deetman en N. Draijer (Eds.) Seksueel Misbruik van Minderjarigen in de Rooms-Katholieke Kerk, eindrapport Commissie Deetman. Amsterdam: Balans.
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  • Naezer, M. (2006) Zij is een hoer, hij is stoer: Gender en bijnamen onder Nederlandse scholieren. Nijmegen: Institute for Gender Studies.


Marijke Naezer graduated in 2005 cum laude in Cultural Anthropology at the Radboud University of Nijmegen. Her thesis "Zij is een hoer, hij is stoer" was awarded with the professor Halkes Prize 2003-2005 for the best gender thesis at Radboud University. In this study Marijke Naezer analyses which gender and sexuality norms adolescents' nicknames refer to. In 2007 she graduated cum laude in Women's Studies at Utrecht University. After this she worked as a policy worker for the Dutch Women's Studies Association (NGV) and the Dutch Association Against Child Sexual Abuse (VSK). Moreover, she conducted research on themes related to gender and diversity; in particular (long term consequences of) domestic and sexual violence. From October 2012 until 2018 she worked on her PhD research on youth and social media: ‘Sexy adventures: An ethnography of youth, sexuality and social media. She obtained her PhD on 4 October 2018