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Stefan Dudink and co-editors receive prestigious award

The book The Oxford Handbook of Gender, War, and the Western World Since 1600 - of which historian Stefan Dudink (RICH and G&D/FSW) is one of the editors - has received the Distinguished Book Award from the American Society for Military History (SMH). 'Our goal was to advance the scholarly conversation between gender historians and military historians, and the book, judging by this award, seems to have succeeded in that.'

Read more about the book and the award here

The book is available at the RU library

Gender & Diversity Studies

Radboud Gender & Diversity Studies (Radboud GDS) connects researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds, with different perspectives and methods to enable collaboration and work together on understanding complex contemporary societal issues.

Radboud GDS aims to develop and share theories and methods to research constructions and perceptions of the relations between women, men and other gender identities in different societal and academic domains. An intersectional perspective - the correlation of gender with other forms of diversity, such as ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religion, worldview and disability - is emphasized.

Besides gaining knowledge, Radboud GDS also stimulates the development of new (interdisciplinary) education programs in the area of gender and diversity at different faculties as well as committing to the continuance of existing programs.

Call for proposals Radboud Gender & Diversity Seminar Series

The Radboud Gender & Diversity Seminar Series are interdisciplinary lectures on gender and/or relevant intersecting categories of difference. The topics are discussed from a variety of disciplines and perspectives.

Invitation to submit a proposal

Interested Radboud University staff (including PhD-students) are invited to submit proposals and ideas for seminars on topics that are relevant to our objectives and field of work.