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Courses in English 2023-2024


Cursus Cursuscode ECTS Periode
Feminist classics FTR-FIMI213 5 EC Per 1-2
Sex for the Social Sciences and Humanities: An introduction to socio-cultural Sexuality Studies SOW-VSB9051 5 EC Per 1
Two centuries of sex. A history of sexuality in Europe, 1800-2000 SOW-VSB9052 5 EC Per 2
Intimacy, emotions and cultural diversity SOW-VSB9080 6 EC Per 2
Politiek, macht en gender MAN-BKV41 6 EC Per 2
Master courses
Gender and diversity in organisations MAN-MHR005A 6 EC Per 1
Diversity in organisations SOW-SCS210 6 EC Per 1
Dealing with diversities in care SOW-PWM200 4 EC Per 1-2
Theorizing diversities in care SOW-PWM300 4 EC Per 1-2


Cursus Cursuscode ECTS Periode
Introducing gender theories SOW-VSB9009 6 EC Per 3
Gender in organisations MAN-BKV07A 6 EC Per 3
Theorizing diversity: Inclusion and exclusion in contemporary society SOW-VSB9008 5 EC Per 3
Gender, migration and religion: The other in contemporary societies SOW-VSB9090 6 EC Per 3
Gender, sexuality and intersectionality FTR-FIPPSB211 5 EC Per 3
Gender, multiculturaliteit en religie


5 EC Per 3-4
Global sex: The travels of desires, identities, and politics in a globalizing world SOW-VSB9047 5 EC Per 4
Gender and diversity: Policies and practices SOW-MAWB3005 6 EC Per 4

Gender and the arts

LET-ACWB110-ACS 5 EC Per 4

Diversity in Psychology

SOW-PSB3FE15E 4 EC Per 4
Master courses
Gender, conflict, and international institution MAN-MGEM001 6 EC Per 3
Bias in AI SOW-MKI77 3 EC Per 4