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Cultural Sexuality Studies 2022-2023

Cultural Sexuality Studies considers sexuality to be culturally, socially, and historically shaped. Sexuality is often regarded as a self-evident biological phenomenon, but its meanings highly vary in time and place. For instance, in the Western world the meaning of sexuality has shifted from a dangerous sin to a legitimate source of pleasure over the past two centuries. Sexuality studies concerns the processes through which sexuality is assigned new meanings. We thereby focus on the meaning of sexuality in divergent cultural sources like media, film, and literature, but also practices like science, medicine, and psychology. The recurring question is: How do these cultural sources and practices shape sexuality? What effects does this have on the sexual behavior of individuals and their identity? And what are the effects on the actions of institutions such as the government, political movements, and the church?

The Cultural Sexuality Studies courses are multidisciplinary and combine knowledge from the social sciences (anthropology, sociology, political sciences, pedagogical sciences) and humanities (cultural studies, history, philosophy).

Courses 2022/2023 (20 EC)

Course code minor: SOW-MI-CSS-22. In this minor all courses all mandatory.

Sex for the Social Sciences and Humanities: An Introduction to Socio-Cultural Sexuality Studies

Course code: SOW-VSB9051 (5 ECTS)
When: Period 1

Two Centuries of Sex: A History of Sexuality in Europe, 1800-2000

Course code: SOW-VSB9052 (5 ECTS)
When: Period 2

Global Sex: The Travels of Desires, Identities, and Politics in a Globalizing World

Course code: SOW-VSB9047 (5 ECTS)
When: Period 4

Sexuality in Contemporary Media Culture: Pornification, Censorship, Innocent Pleasure?

Course code: SOW-VSB9048 (5 ECTS)
When: Period 4


The Cultural Sexuality Studies courses are part of the minor Cultural Sexuality Studies, the international minors Gender and Culture and the Social Sciences minor Gender, cultuur en maatschappij (Gender, culture, and society).


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