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Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies

At the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, Gender and Diversity are studied by a variety of disciplinary perspectives guided by fundamental questions. These range from the use of gender images, symbols and gender scripts to practices in religions, cultures and societies as well as in intellectual discourses, traditions and public debates. The research aims to describe and question the normative, prescriptive and representational dimensions of gender, religion and philosophy and its interrelatedness with other determining factors, such as race, sexuality and class, both in historical and contemporary perspective.

Affiliated researchers
Name Function
Dresen, Grietje Assistant professor - Empirical and practical religious studies
Student advisor - Education
Moral narratives, redemptive imagery and gender in Western visual culture
Topolski, Anya

Associate professor in ethics and political philosophy - Practical Philosophy, Member - Onderdeelcommissie FTR

Vasterling, Veronica

Associate professor - Fundamental philosophy
Philosophical anthropology, gender theory, hermeneutic phenomenology