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Nijmegen School of Management

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Affiliated researchers
Name Function
Benschop, Yvonne Professor - Strategic Human Resource Management
Chair: Business Administration,Organizational Behaviour, leading the multidisciplinary research hotspot 'Gender and Power in Politics and Management'
Bleijenbergh, Inge

Associate professor - Methods
Inge Bleijenbergh is an expert in participatory action research, facilitated modeling, gender & decision-making and social policies.

Dennissen, Marjolein

Assistant professor - Strategic Human. She researches diversity management and focuses on identity-based diversity networks within organizations

Essers, Caroline Associate professor Entrepreneurship and Leadership at the department of Business Administration

Gremmen, Ine Teacher - Strategic Human Resource Management
Hoekstra-Pijpers, Roos Associate professor - Geography. Her research is focused on the ways in which divisions of labour and dominant notions of citizenship affect social groups such as age groups and cultural minorities.

Honsbeek, Krystel PhD student - Geography
Research theme
Meeting care needs of LGBT elderly (Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender)
Lansu, Monic Researcher - Methods. Her research topic is participatory intervention methods supporting decision making and organizational change.
Leyenaar, Monique Professor - Politicologie
She studies the political participation of citizens and the initiatives developed by the authorities to increase this participation.

Murray-Carlsson, Hanna PhD candidate in Human Geography who is researching formal care and elderly migrants.
Ossenkop, Carolin Human Resource Management
Soto, Melisa She studies the transnational dynamics implicit in the diffusion and contestation of transgender rights norms in two distinctive domestic contexts: Cuba and the Netherlands.
Verloo, Mieke Professor Mieke Verloo is an expert in the fields of gender and politics. She is Professor of Comparative Politics and Inequality Issues at Radboud University in the Netherlands, and Non-Residential Permanent Fellow at the IWM, Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna.
Vleuten, Anna van der Professor - Politicologie
Chair: Contesting Europeanization, leading the multidisciplinary research hotspot 'Gender and Power in Politics and Management'

Vyrastekova, Jana Assistant professor - Economic Theory and Policy
Experimental economics
Behavioral economics and policy, field experiments, social inclusion, inequality and fairness, social norms, gender