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1985-2016: CvV & IGS

The predecessors of Radboud Gender & Diversity Studies are the Centrum voor Vrouwen-studies (CvV) - Center for Women's Studies -, which was operative from 1985 til 2005.

After that, the center was reconfigured into the Institute for Gender Studies (IGS), which was a lively interdisciplinary institute for education and research about women, gender, and sexuality from 2005 til 2016.

Gender studies research in Nijmegen was coordinated in the research programme The Dynamics of Gender. Body, Culture and Policies. The Institute for Gender Studies followed a double track policy by striving for disciplinary integration as well as independent interdisciplinary development.

The Institute published the magazine Raffia quarterly and housed a documentation centre on gender studies and emancipation.

From the Radboud Research Report 2009:

"The interdisciplinary Institute for Gender Studies (IGS) works at the crossroads of the social sciences, arts, religious studies, philosophy, medical sciences, law and management sciences. With four professors, two associate professors, five university lecturers, and seven junior researchers, IGS is the largest gender studies institute in the Netherlands."