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Internationale Vrouwendag 2020

Each year, Radboud Gender & Diversity Studies organises the celebration of International Women's Day. On Monday March 9, 2020, the theme of the day was Sekse, gender en het brein (Sex, gender and the brain).

Speakers were dr. Annelies Kleinherenbrink who presented in Dutch her lecture Sekse, gender en het brein: mythen en uitdagingen and prof. dr. Rebecca Jordan-Young, who was the keynote speaker in a seminar Testosterone: Gender, Hormones and the Brain. Together with dr. Chris Verhaak (clinical psychologist, specialized in gender differences and the brain) and prof. dr. Marjet Derks (professor in the history of sports), she spoke about the myths around gender and the so-called 'male hormone'. In the evening, Rebecca Jordan-Young spoke with  dr. Stefan Dudink at Radboud Reflects about the book of which she is a co-author: Testosterone. An Unauthorized Biography, published in October 2019.

The theme attracted a large audience, both for the Dutch presentation in the morning as for the the English seminar and conversation.

An extensive report (in English) of the day is published in Raffia

Radboud Reflects published a repost of the conversation between Rebecca Jordan-Young and Stefan Dudink in both Dutch and English: Testosterone

Below a visual impression of International Women's Day 2020 at Radboud University

Organisatie en vrijwilligers

IMG_0492 - organisatie en vrijwilligers

Dagvoorzitter Marieke van den Brink

IMG_0529 - Marieken van den Brink

Annelies Kleinherenbrink

Annelies Kleinherenbrink 1

Aandachtig publiek

IMG_0485 - mooie foto publiek

Annelies Kleinherenbrink met publiek

IMG_0562 - Annelies Kleinherenbrink

Lunch 1

IMG_0612 - Gezelligheid lunch

Lunch 2

IMG_0693 - persoon lunch

Rebecca Jordan-Young in seminar

Rebecca Jordan Young in seminar 2020

Rebecca Jordan-Young en Marjet Derks

Rebecca Jordan Young en Marjet Derks 1

Rebecca Jordan-Young en Stefan Dudink bij Radboud Reflects

Rebecca Jordan Young en Stefan Dudink 2

Lunch 3