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Researching Diversity: A Feminist Decolonial Approach

From Monday 22nd until Friday 26th of March 2021, Radboud University organised an Anti-Racism Awareness Week. During this week, Radboud Gender & Diversity Studies invited dr. Rosalba Icaza to present Researching Diversity: A Feminist Decolonial Approach.

In this presentation, dr. Icaza will shared the results of the research that she, as Senior Researcher of the University of Amsterdam Diversity Commission, conducted in 2016. The committee argued for a university that strives toward equal opportunities for all, where people are free from discrimination and feel that they belong. But even more important than diversity of people, Icaza will argue for diversity in knowledge (epistemic diversity), which refers to the challenge to broaden academic traditions and mainstream canons. She would like to have academics work towards curricula that are not centred solely on Europe and the US, and have them adopt other (academic) perspectives and approaches to teaching and learning. For this to happen, the academic community needs to be aware of how academic knowledge is influenced by its historical conditions.

Dr. Rosalba Icaza is a decolonial feminist activist-scholar of Mexican origin and Associate Professor in Global Politics, Gender, and Diversity at the Institute of Social Studies (Erasmus University, Rotterdam) where she also co-convenes the reading/learning group "Nurturing (each) Other".
Her current research mobilizes storytelling to explore the plural meanings, practices, and infrastructures of solidarity that are articulated and enacted by marginalized communities in the City of the Hague under conditions of Covid19 and after Black Lives Matter Global Mobilizations.
She is a member of the Board of Editor of RETOS non-commercial cooperative Publishing House and collaborates with Tejiendo Saberes para la Vida Comunitaria, Sinanche, Yucatan, Mexico.

A recording of dr. Icaza's presentation can be found here