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Gifted Education

This Master's track looks beyond the accepted views and protocols on giftedness. Giftedness is more than IQ. Physical, musical, social and creative abilities are also involved.

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    Educating the gifted

    You will study theories and models about giftedness and will gain knowledge on intervention methods. You will learn how to recognise and describe giftedness and how to contribute to solving problems regarding giftedness.

    Gifted education abroad

    In this course, you will look for an international conference or activity, outside the Netherlands, concerning ‘Gifted Education’, where you would like to practice your course ‘Gifted Education Abroad’. After permission of your teacher, you will prepare your programme, read specific literature and write a preliminary programme for your stay. During the conference or activity, you will actively participate and discuss with experts. You will report on their experiences in a final report.

    Why choose this track

    • This is the only track in the Netherlands that focuses on giftedness.
    • The programme works closely with the Centre for the Study of Giftedness (CBO).
    • The expertise of the research group ensures there is a good relationship with schools, organisations and, for example, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.