Overview of publications

Researchers and the Knowledge Base

In the Knowledge Base you can find the names of professors and other researchers who work at the Radboud University, as well as their particulars and - if available - the details concerning their publications and the courses they teach. The knowledge base can be searched by typing in the name of a researcher, key words and area of expertise.

Radboud Repository

Information concerning 45,000 academic publications that have been written by Radboud University's researchers can be found in the Radboud Repository. Since 2004, all of the publications found in Metis have been included in the Radboud Repository.

Searching for publications

Each newly appointed professor holds an inaugural speech and professors who retire give a farewell lecture. These speeches can be (electronically) traced via the Central University Library. Dissertations written by PhD candidates can - when possible - be viewed via the Central University Library's website or they can be obtained via the library's lending desk.

Key publications

The most important publications published during the past few years are listed under key publications.