PhD activities

GSH Introduction day

The GSH organises a range of academic and social events throughout the year. Twice a year the Graduate School organises a PhD Introduction Day, where new PhD candidates are introduced to the institutes and their key contact persons, receive information and advice about relevant courses and activities, take mandatory training courses in scientific integrity, and socialise with their peers.

GSH Lunch meeting

Once or twice every month the GSH organises lunch meetings - get togethers of about an hour around lunch time in which we present a speaker and a theme that (hopefully) connects with the interests of the PhD candidates, and with a free lunch. PhD candidates are very welcome to bring in their own themes.

Research data management

It is important that all the data collected or produced in PhD and other research projects are stored and preserved in a responsible, safe and accessible way, together with the metadata that is necessary to interpret them (questionnaires, logbooks, statistical scripts, transformations, etc.). PhD candidates are informed about these issues during thematic seminars or events, and also encouraged to consult the University Library for more information on the requirements and options.

UTQ certificate

Radboud University supports teachers who want to obtain the Basic Education Qualification in various ways which are financed by the Executive Board. On the central teacher support website, you will find more information about teacher professionalization in general and BKO in particular.

Writing Support Groups

Writing support groups offer PhD candidates a peer group of writers and within this setting several complementary types of support like feedback in a safe and non-competitive setting, resources for solving problems and support in overcoming a writing blockade and other challenges. Small groups of three to four PhD candidates who support each other through feedback in a comfortable environment e.g. by reporting on how the writing is progressing and discussing distractions and other control-related problems.