Ways to start

At the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology & Religious studies (as is the case for all Dutch universities), a PhD degree can be pursued either as an internal or an external PhD candidate. The skills required for both categories of PhD candidates are identical, and their doctoral degrees are equally valued and appreciated; the distinction between the two types of PhD candidates lies in their formal relationship with the faculty.

Internal PhD

Internal PhD candidates are those who have applied for a funded PhD project. Vacancies for such projects are placed on the university website as well as on the Dutch portal for academic vacancies. The recruitment and selection process for these positions is described in the relevant vacancy texts.

There is neither a fixed number of funded PhD positions per year nor a specific time during the year when these funded PhD positions are posted. Each vacancy is posted once a funded PhD project becomes available.

Internal PhD candidates are employed by Radboud University in general and by the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies in particular.

External PhD

External PhD candidates are not employed by Radboud University, but they do conduct their research under the supervision of at least two researcher of either the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies.

External PhD candidates carry out their research in their own time and by their own financial means. Some external PhD candidates carry out their research part time, while being employed by another organization (thus providing their own income). Others obtain scholarships or stipends from national or international organizations. Depending on the funding provided by these scholarships and stipends, they can sometimes carry out their research full time.

Interested external PhD candidates are encouraged to find financing options via scholarship website like Grant Finder, Research Professional and FindAPhD, or by applying for the grants and subsidies outlined by the PhD Network Netherlands and by Radboud University’s International Office.

Further information