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Seminar Women in Science June 5th 2014

Lecture Nicole van Dam and panel discussion

On Thursday, June 4th, the Halkes women faculty network organised a keynote lecture on women in science by Prof. Nicole Van Dam followed by a panel with members of the Board of Executives (Wilma de Koning) and men and women of the science faculty.

Helle Hansen
Klaas Landsman

Claudia Luettke

Erik Koelink

Wilma de Koning


Nicole combined facts and figures about women in science, with her own experiences during her career. She gave the university advice on how to increase the number of female researchers that pursue a career in academia. Her recommendations include:

- (Re)define “quality” in hiring and promotion processes

- Listen to what women scientists need

- Put your money where your mouth is

- Actively coach and support women scientists

- Award groups that do this successfully

- Support women scientist networks

You can find the slides of her presentation here. (pptx, 12 MB)

During the panel discussion, the participants were very active asking questions and reacting to the lecture and remarks made during th discussion. They shared good practices and concerns about the possibility of having both a family and a career, the need to work abroad and the number of temporary positions that academics before you get a permanent positions. After the discussion was closed, the interaction continued lively during the drinks served outside the lecture room.