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Women in Academia discussion of their experiences 6th June 2019

Women in Academia discussion of their experiences

On June 6th, the Halkes Women Faculty Network organized a lunch discussion meeting with prof. Ashley Terlouw and dr. Hanneke den Ouden. Ashley Terlouw is professor of Sociology of Law and chair of the departments of Sociology of Law and Migration Law at Radboud University. Hanneke den Ouden is an associate professor at the Donders Centre for Cognition. Carmen Schleijpen moderated the discussion. She is a board member of the Halkes Network and works as a lecturer and PhD student at the Faculty of Law.

The discussion covered various topics related to the main theme ‘Women in Academia’, such as the experience of working with mostly male colleagues, differences in how people respond to men and women is various positions at the university, how to achieve more equality, inclusivity and diversity in the workplace, and being and finding a good role model. There was an active discussion between the two speakers, with many questions from the audience.

With increasing numbers of women in academia, we also see an increase in women senior staff. However, the change seems to go relatively slowly. Specific ideas about how to increase attention for (unconscious) bias during meetings and hiring processes were discussed. Please see also the other Halkes events on this topic: the symposium on gender equality measures with Paul Walton and the lunch talk by Petra Rudolf on unconscious bias.