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Movie night & discussion "On the basis of sex" 6 March 2019

The Halkes Women Faculty Network in collaboration with LUX Nijmegen presented a pre-premiere of "On the basis of sex", a movie about the life and work of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has played a major part in the fight for women's rights in the US.

It was followed by a discussion on gender equality, discrimination, and the law, focusing on the situation in the Netherlands: what is the role of the law in achieving gender equality here?

WHEN: Wednesday March 6, 19:30
WHERE: LUX Nijmegen

Tickets are available on the site of LUX Nijmegen.

Please note that the discussion will be in Dutch. The movie will be English with Dutch subtitles.


About the movie "on the basis of sex"
On The Basis of Sex tells the true and inspiring story of US Supreme Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who fights her way up through the male dominated field of law and is finally appointed a seat on the Supreme Court. In 1971, Ginsburg is at the start of her career, and struggles against sexism. Together with her husband she takes on a case that can forever change her career and the United States justice system.

Ginsburg is one of the biggest female icons in the world. She has had great impact on women’s rights and emancipation worldwide. In expectation of International Womens Day on March 8th, we show a pre-premire of this inspiring film.

Gender equality in the Netherlands
Ruth Bader Ginsburg has used the law as a means to tackle gender inequality. What’s the state of gender equality in the Netherlands, in the workplace and generally? And to what extent can we use the law to achieve progress here? After the showing, two board members of the Halkes Women Faculty Network - lecturer civil law Carmen Schleijpen and associate professor Inge Bleijenbergh - will discuss how gender inequality is pervasive in our society. Is a change of behavior, culture, or law more important? Moderator of the evening is Iris Romeijnders.

This program is a collaboration of LUX Nijmegen and the Halkes Women Faculty Network.

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