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Round-table lunch Meeting (online) 24th September 2020 - cancelled

We have decided to re-organize the round-table lunch meeting, to take place on 24 September.

Our intention for this event was to provide a safe space for everyone to share their experiences and offer social support when it comes to our daily struggles in academia. Since sending out the invitation, we received input that made us realize that the way the event was organized was not inclusive.

We came together to reflect critically on the event, talked about the valuable feedback on our events that we have received from our network in the past and discussed intersectional feminism. During these discussions we realized that the approach to the event had not been intersectional and that, as a result, the event was not intersectional. It implicitly approached three of the subjects from a white, cis perspective.

This is not the level of inclusivity we wish to provide to our participants. We concluded that simply including “experiences of people of colour” as a topic for discussion is not enough and decided to completely restructure the event to reflect a more intersectional approach to all of the subjects discussed. This will allow us to include various perspectives and at the very least be more aware of how gender combined with other social or political identities, for example race stereotypes, can lead to specific advantages or disadvantages for individuals.

Since organizing the event this way takes extra time, we will postpone it to a later date, to be announced in the near future.

Halkes: where we stand

Considering our responsibility as a network within the university and our aim to create a safe space in which everyone feels included, we should, can and want to do better. Re-organizing the event and communicating our reasons for doing so is the only way to act upon this responsibility. We also acknowledge that the board of the Halkes Network is composed mostly of white, cis women. This means that we should continuously reflect on our work, actively assess the intersectionality of our events, and commit to a life-long (de-)learning process.

We apologize for the lack of intersectionality in our event and for any inconvenience our decision to postpone the event may have caused to people already registered.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at halkes@ru.nl.

Kind regards,

The board of the Halkes Women Faculty Network



On the 24th of September 2020 the Halkes Women Faculty Network organizes our first lunch meeting of the 2020-2021 academic year. The event will be in English.

During this meeting, different online tables will discuss the following topics:

  • Career and life planning
  • Experiences of people of colour in academia
  • Parenthood in academia
  • Mentorship: how to be or find a mentor

With these discussions, we hoped to gather new perspectives on these issues and find solutions to problems often faced by women in academia.

You can register for the event (for free!) by filling in the registration form (click here).