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Holding Space: A Storytelling Approach to Trampling Diversity and Inclusion


Holding Space: A Storytelling Approach to Trampling Diversity and Inclusion’ is Aminata Cairo’s first book. With a celebration, she presents her book at LUX Nijmegen on Wednesday 30 June. Join us live or in-person to listen to Aminata’s vision on diversity and inclusivity.

DAY & TIME: Wednesday, June 30, from 8 to 9:30 pm
LOCATION: In person at LUX or via livestream
ADMISSION: €2,5 (livestream) / €5 (in person at LUX)

Diversity and inclusivity. You probably heard these two words more than once in the past few months. Artists, journalists, politicians, teachers, everyone seemed to be concerned about the question of how to create more inclusive spaces. But to create an inclusive society, we must understand and know the history behind these words. What theories, knowledge, and spaces do we need to revisit to understand the context of these words in the here and now?

With the presentation of her first book, Aminata Cairo takes you on a journey of words, music, and ceremony back to the stories that form the backdrop to our current knowledge. In this book, she brings her own approach to the pursuit of inclusivity. Feeling limited by the standard approach in diversity and inclusion work, Cairo breaks through the boundaries. She uses Indigenous Knowledge, the Blues Aesthetics, Holy Hip Hop, Caribbean, and Black Feminist Theories to spread her vision. By using personal stories she tries to take her audience along in her journey with the final goal of creating a new story collectively.

About Aminata Cairo

Dr. Aminata Cairo is an anthropologist, psychologist, educator, “people – worker”, and the former lector (research professor) of Inclusive Education. In that position, she was the first and only research professor of African descent in the Netherlands. Since then she has become a sought after speaker and consultant on diversity and inclusion issues. She received the Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2013 for her efforts. In 2016 she received the Honorary Order of the Palm, a state decoration by the Government of Suriname for her contribution in culture. She is a mother, daughter, sister, and Lyman T. Johnson Scholar. Her work is always grounded in the spiritual and cultural traditions of her Native American godmother and her Surinamese heritage.

It was possible to join both online and in-person. Please note there are limited spaces available in the studio.

The event was a collaboration with LUX Nijmegen and co-organized with Lema Salah.