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Round-table/discussion meeting on “Navigating academia – experiences, challenges and strategies”

On Monday 10 October 2022, we reintroduced our round table discussion with the topic "Navigating academia – experiences, challenges and strategies”.

During this meeting, we shared stories and perspectives with each other, gave and received support, and found solutions to the themes listed below.

DATE & TIME: Monday 10 October 2022, from 12.30 to 14:00




LUNCH: Lunch was provided

The program consisted of a word of welcome and instructions (5-10 minutes), a discussion round in groups (60 minutes), and a joint discussion and summary (15 minutes).

Different tables discussed different themes.

The themes for the roundtable discussion included:

Navigating Dutch academia

For this theme, we will share experiences in navigating through Dutch academia and compare it to other academic cultures. What is particular about Dutch academia? What do you perceive as benefits and challenges? And what are lessons drawn comparing different academic cultures?

Moving through the academic career ladder

For this theme, we will think about and share our experiences as well as long-term plans and aspirations. What are your goals in the different stages of the academic ladder, e.g. when starting out in academia or advancing on your career? What are the challenges and what are the overarching hurdles on the way? How do you find support?

Balancing academia with care work at home

For this theme, caregivers and prospective caregivers (e.g., for children or sick/disabled in the social network) will share experiences and advice. How did you decide when and how to take over care work? What are your experiences in combing care with academic work? What kind of support could you use as a caretaker in academia?

Promoting self-care in academia

For this theme, we will discuss our experiences and challenges regarding caring for oneself. How do you create boundaries around work, e.g., to protect your emotional well-being? How do you manage conflict in your workplace? What strategies do you use to promote your physical well-being?