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The main purpose of (student) evaluations is to improve the quality of teaching at Radboud University. In other instances, evaluations are used to hire or promote people. Yet, traditional forms of evaluations are often biased against junior scholars, women and minorities and/or include personal attacks. This raises the question of how we at Radboud University want to evaluate teaching in a better way. With Ea Utoft, an expert on higher education, we will discuss current practices and how to improve the current diverse evaluation systems at the Radboud. We start with a 30-minute presentation by Ea on the lived experiences of teachers, when we receive student evaluations of teaching. This is followed by a short talk by Isa Claassens (educational developer and advisor) on the purpose of evaluations and how we, with the help of evaluation, can become teachers who are continuously developing. After that, we discuss the topic in small groups and conclude with a plenary discussion. Together we will come up with a list of suggestions for the university to improve the evaluation system

Participation is free and open to all faculties. If you want to participate in this event, click on the link below to register. Coffee, Tea, and snacks are served in a short break and we will conclude with drinks.

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If you have any questions about the session or accessibility, please send an e-mail to halkes@ru.nl.