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Workshop Online harassment against academics

The Halkes Women Faculty Network organized a workshop on Online harassment against (women and minority) academics. The workshop took place two times: once online on Monday 13 February at 4 to 5 pm and once on campus on Thursday 16 February at 4 to 5 pm. The workshop was given by senior researcher at Atria, Institute on Gender Equality and Women’s History, Paula Thijs (see below for her research background). She discussed the current situation based on statistical insights, taking an intersectional perspective, while also provided us with tools to protect ourselves from online violence.

Some Resources Paula gave us:

Information and guidelines for academics:
WetenschapVeilig at RU
VSNU (2022). Dutch UniversitiesGuide for ProtectingScientistsAgainst(Online) ThreatsandHarassment
KNAW (2022). Social Safety in Academia

Tools andalternatives:
Toolkit Eerste Hulp bij Online Haat
PEN America Online HarassmentField Manual
Removepersonal information online: DeleteMe
Alternativeplatforms: Mastodon, Spoutible

Feel free to reach out to us via halkes@ru.nl