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Gender gap at Radboud University

A thorough investigation by the DPO in 2017 revealed that a gender pay gap exists at the Radboud University. The Halkes Women Faculty network has been scrutinizing the results of the gender gap report and its follow up. We are particularly concerned about the range of the gender gap in the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Law. In addition, we are concerned that women hold the majority of temporary positions at all levels of the academic careers. Together with the Radboud Network of Female Professors (RNVH), we wrote a letter (see here) to the University Board to express our concerns about these issues and ask for concrete actions.

Faculty Boards assumed to address pay gap

Since the publication of the results of the investigation and the letter from the women faculty networks, few concrete measures have been implemented by the University Board to address the pay gap. The University Board mainly relies on the faculty boards to address the gender pay gap by preventing gender differences when new staff members are appointed. It is expected that as a result, the gender pay gap at these faculties will decrease over time. With regard to the temporary contracts, the University board has promised to reduce the number of temporary contracts and try to extend the length of these contracts to longer periods (4-6 years).

Women’s Networks ask the University Board to scrutinize progress

We have asked the University Board to schedule a follow-up investigation to see if the implemented actions have yielded any results, and if progress has been made to bridge these gender gaps. If there has been no progress or if progress is only minimal, we will ask the University Board to take firmer action and implement university-wide policies that will ensure more equality.

Individual women can complain

The University Board advises individual women who think their current salary and job classification is biased, after having consulted their supervisor and the HR Department to address this issue via the UFO complaints procedure or RU’s current objection and appeal procedure. The Halkes Women Faculty Board encourages its members to do so and share their experiences with us.

Source of links: Transparent and fair remuneration and promotion policies

IBEB, 27-03-2019