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Letter to the University Board addressing pay gap

Dear members of the University Board,

With interest we took notice of the research on the gender pay gap at Radboud University, conducted and coordinated by our colleague prof. dr. Agnes Akkerman. This research provides the organization with many details about the size and shape of the gender pay gap at different faculties. We agree with the choice of the researchers to use the same methodology for measuring the pay gap as was done in earlier studies commissioned by the VSNU. Overall we are of the opinion that the research was well conducted and that the results are valid.

The two Networks have discussed the report extensively and the women present at the meetings were rather shocked by the size of the gender gap in our academic community, especially in the Faculty of Social Sciences and in the Faculty of Law.

The research also pointed towards the gender gap in temporary contracts. According to the research report, more women academics find themselves in temporary positions and this is the case at all levels. This means less financial security and stability, which negatively affects social networks, relationships, family life and well-being.

We therefore urge the board to immediately take concrete actions aimed at a situation of equal pay for equal work among male and female academic staff. Furthermore we ask the board to guarantee a more equal division of tenured positions between men and women in the near future. The two Networks of women faculty are of course available for consultation and advice on possible actions to take.

Kind regards,

On behalf of the Halkes Women Faculty Network and the Radboud Netwerk van Vrouwelijke Hoogleraren,

Paula Thijs, Msc (chair) and prof. Dr. Monique Leyenaar (chair)