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This page contains documentation for online sources for population history of the Dutch Americas in the 19th century. At the moment, they can be split in sources on slavery and sources on indentured labor. Slavery related sources are the Suriname slave registers (1830-1863) and the Curacao slave & emancipation registers (1839-1863). Indentured labor related sources are the Surinamese migration registers on indentured laborers from China (1853-1930), indentured laborers from India (1873-1916) and indentured laborers from Java (1890-1930). The documentation is aimed at non-Dutch speaking researchers that want to understand these sources and who want to make use of these datasets. The existing documentation in Dutch, available on the website of the National Archives of the Netherlands, has been translated and modified for this purpose. When more data sets become available during the course of the project, these documentation pages will be extended.

You are free to use the data, but you are kindly requested to register the use of this data and keep us informed about your work. We would gladly list any publications or other applications or forms of reuse of the data on our website. You can contact us at:

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