Explanation of the fields on the index

Field name (Dutch) Field name (translated) Explanatory note
Contractcode Contract code The contract number of the immigrant, as indicated in the immigration register.
Monsternummer Musternummer The number that the immigrant had on the muster-roll of the ship with which he arrived in Suriname. The muster roll number differs from the number in the immigration register because the immigrants were not registered in Suriname in the same order as they had departed from China.
Familienaam Surname The name the immigrant has in the register. In reality, this is a combination of the first name and family name.
Vadersnaam Father's name For some immigrants from before 1872 and for all immigrants from 1872 onwards, the name of the father is given.
Aankomstjaar Arrival year The year in which the immigrant arrived in Suriname.
Famillierelatie Family relation Information on family members with whom the person has come to Suriname.
Familiegegevens Family information Information about family relations after arrival in Suriname, e.g. on marriages, children, etc.
Geboorteland Country of birth For most persons, this is China. However, some immigrants were born elsewhere, such as British Guiana.
Lengte Height Body height was given in centimeters. In the case of immigrants who arrived in 1872 or later, this information is consistently given. For others, it is rarely listed.
Kleur Colour Skin colour.
Herkenniggstekens Distinguishing marks Body signs such as scars, warts, birthmarks, etc. or other physical characteristics of the immigrant. As with color and height, these details are listed from 1872 onwards.
Geslacht Gender Male or female.
Leeftijd jaren Age, years The age in years upon arrival.
Leeftijd maanden Age, months The age in months of infants and toddlers upon arrival.
Beroep Profession Here, in all cases, 'field and factory worker' was mentioned.
Godsdienst Religion For most immigrants, nothing was mentioned here. In some, Confucianism was specified.
Plaats van herkomst Place of origin The last place of residence.
Afreisplaats Place of departure The port of departure.
Datum afreis Date of departure The date the immigrant departed.
Wervingsinstantie Recruitment agency Agency that recruited the immigrant.
Datum aankomst Date of arrival Date of arrival in Suriname.
Aankomstplaats Place of arrival The place of arrival in Suriname. In most cases this is Paramaribo, but immigrants who crossed the border river from British Guiana arrived in Nickerie.
Schip Ship Here the name of the ship on which the immigrant arrived is given. In the case where the immigrant traveled via the Netherlands two ships are listed, namely the ship that went to the Netherlands via Indonesia, and the ship that sailed from the Netherlands to Suriname
Planter Planter Here the name of the owner or manager of the plantation is mentioned. Sometimes the name of an agent is mentioned.
Begin contract Start of contract The date of the beginning of the (first) contract of the immigrant.
Einde contract End of contract The date of the end of the immigrant's (first) contract. The duration of the contracts varied between three and five years.
Hercontracten Re-contracts The dates of subsequent contracts. The duration of re-contracts varied between six months and five years.
Plantage Plantation The name of the plantation where the contractor was employed
Datum cvo Date certficate of discharge This refers to the date on which the immigrant received his certificate of discharge, that formalized the end of the employment
Datum premie ontvangst Date premium received This refers to the date on which the immigrant may have received a premium for his work. In most cases, the amount involved was 150 guilders
Verblijfstatus Residence status This concerns the terms of the contract referred to in the immigration records.
Datum terugkeer Date of return The date the immigrant left Suriname.
Datum overlijden Date of death Date of death of the immigrant. If there is nothing in this field, the immigrant died after the register was no longer kept.
Grondsituatie Land situation For the Chinese, unlike the British-Indians and Javanese immigrants, barely anything is mentioned about obtaining a piece of land for rent or ownership.
Vrije arbeider Free worker The number the immigrant received if he continued to work as a free labourer after his contract ended. He was then entered in the register of free labourers. The register of free labourers also contains the records of immigrants from other countries of the Caribbean from the period since the abolition of slavery in 1863.
District District The name of the district where the immigrant was employed.
Info Info Any data not included in one of the other fields, such as contract terms, re-contracts, number of days of absence, desertion, resignation and transfer.

List of abbreviations used in the index

Abbreviation Dutch term Translation/explanation
afgeschr. afgeschreven written off
AG Agent Generaal Agent General (civil servant responsible for immigration)
ag. agenda Daily report
arb arbeid, arbeider(s) labor, worker(s)
cath. categorie Category
contr contract Contract
dd. de dato Dated
dec. december December
exp. expiratie Expiration
fol. folio Folio
geconst. geconstateerd noted
gedesert. gedeserteerd Deserted
geexp. geëxpireerd Expired
ger. geregistreerd Registered
gerecontr. gerecontracteerd re-contracted
i/h in het in the
miss. missive missive, letter
n/h naar het to the
Nick. Nickerie Nickerie
ontsl. ontslag(en) discharge(d)
overgeschr. overgeschreven Transferred
overl. overleden Deceased
ovk. overeenkomst Agreement
Par'bo Paramaribo Paramaribo
pl. plantage Plantation
reg. register Register
res. resolutie Resolution
Sar'ca Saramacca Saramacca
stamb. stamboek Register of record book
susp. suspect Suspect
v/d van de of the
v/h van het of the
voorw. voorwaarde(lijk) condition(al)