Explanation of the fields in the index

Field name (Dutch) Field name (translated) Explanatory note
Contractcode Contract code Contract codes are the official identification numbers of immigrants in Suriname. It consists of one or two letters and a number. The letter is an indication of the year in which the ship arrived in Suriname with the immigrant in question. The numbering started in the year 1872. Immigrants from a specific region were recorded under a continuous serial number. Each year from 1872 was assigned a letter, ascending from A to Z, and then from Aa to Ss for the Hindustanis and from AA to ZZ for the Javanese. After ZZ followed AB, AC, etc. The series ended with AG in 1929. In 1930, free immigrants arrived: they were given the letter combination VI. Finally, the immigrants in 1939 as part of the plan Welter-Kielstra (which aimed the colonization of Suriname by Javanese farmers) to Suriname came the letter KG (abbreviation of the ship Kota Gede)
Naam Name This is the original Javanese first name of the immigrant, at least for men. Later, when immigrants were allowed to choose a family name, as a rule, the first name was listed. However, this name was then often spelled differently than originally recorded in the immigration register. Female immigrants sometimes chose their father's or husband's name as their family name.
Vadersnaam Name father This is the second name on the register. Usually it is the name of the immigrant's father. However, names other than the father's were also listed
Naamsgegevens Name information Details on name change, gender name etc.
Familierelatie Family relationship Data on relatives with whom the immigrant came to Suriname. If a contractor was related to another contractor, the nature of the family relationship and the contract number of that contractor were noted. The family relationships listed were usually father, mother, son or daughter.
Gezinsgegevens Family data Details of the immigrant's family, if any: marriage, children, and sometimes grandchildren.
Lengte Height The immigrant's height, usually in millimeters.
Herkenningstekens Distinguishing marks Physical marks, such as scars, warts, birthmarks, etc. or other physical characteristics of the immigrant.
Geslacht Gender Male or female.
Leeftijd jaren Age (years) The age in years of the immigrant upon arrival.
Leeftijd maanden Age (months) The age in months of infants and toddlers upon arrival.
Godsdienst Religion In the original records, immigrants are listed as 'mohammedaan'. The term 'moslim' is used in this index.
Afreisplaats Place of departure Batavia, Semarang or Tandjong Priok. Java may also be listed as the place of departure.
Datum afreis Date of departure The date the immigrant departed from Java.
Schip Ship The name of the ship with which the immigrant came to Suriname. Until 1914 there are always two ships: the ship that the route Java - Amsterdam traveled and the ship that the immigrants from Amsterdam to Suriname brought. The Javanese came as a rule through Amsterdam to Suriname.
Schip soort Type of ship Steamship or sailing ship.
Monsternummer Muster number The number of the emigrant on the muster roll of the ship. It is an identification number of the Emigration Agency in Java.
Aankomstplaats Place of arrival Always Paramaribo.
Datum aankomst Date of arrival The date of arrival in Paramaribo of the ship with which the immigrant came to Suriname.
Planter Planter The name of the planter to whom the contractor was assigned.
Wervingsinstantie Recruiting authority The agency that had brought the contractor over from Java to Suriname.
Voor wie For whom Dit veld komt vaak voor, meestal is ingevuld: koloniaal gouvernement. Is dit het veld Wervingsinstantie?
Datum begin contract Start of contract The date of the beginning of the (first) contract of the immigrant.
Datum einde contract End of contract The date of the end of the (first) contract of the immigrant.
Hercontracten Re-contracts The dates of subsequent contracts.
Datum cvo Date certificate of discharge The date the immigrant received his certificate of discharge, leaving employment.
Datum premie-ontvangst Date premium received The date on which the immigrant received a premium, if any, for his work.
Verblijfsstatus Residence status The terms of the contract.
Grondsituatie Ground situation Information about plots of lands leased to the immigrant.
Geboorteland Country of birth In all cases this is the Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia.
Gewest region Four adminstrative units indicating the place of origin are mentioned for each immigrant: region, department, district, desa (village).
Afdeling department Department within the region
District district District within the department.
Desa/dorp desa/village Desa/village within the district.
Plantage Plantation The name and location of the plantation where the contractor was employed.
Datum overlijden Date of death Death date of the immigrant
Datum terugkeer Date of return Date the immigrant embarked to return to Java.
Schip terugkeer Ship return Name of the ship on which the immigrant was returning.
Gedragingen Behaviours Notes on any absenteeism, crimes and punishments.
Foto Photo If available, a link to a photo of the immigrant