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Opening for PhD Candidate in Vibrational Dynamics in Metal Cluster Complexes

Date of news: 27 February 2023

With leading research into fundamental chemistry and physics, we can answer important questions about the world of today and tomorrow. This requires curious individuals who want to push the experimental boundaries of science with their talent and expertise. As a PhD Candidate in experimental molecular physics, you will use state-of-the-art facilities of the HFML-FELIX laboratory to develop experiments for time-resolved studies using Infrared Free Electron Lasers.

PhD Candidate in Vibrational Dynamics in Metal Cluster Complexes2

For this project, which is part of the Max Planck - Radboud University Center for Infrared Free Electron Laser Spectroscopy, you will use existing and yet-to-be-designed experimental equipment to characterize metal cluster complexes, combining mass spectrometry and laser spectroscopy, utilizing, in particular, the Infrared Free Electron Lasers (IR-FELs) that are available at HFML-FELIX and the Fritz-Haber-Institute (FHI) in Berlin, Germany. As a PhD Candidate, you will closely collaborate with our partners at FHI in joint experimental studies at both institutions. This position comes with a 10% teaching load. We hope you will have an articulate interest in setting up new experiments for unique time-resolved studies employing IR-FELs.

Follow the link below for further information about the job description and requirements.

PhD Candidate in Vibrational Dynamics in Metal Cluster Complexes | Radboud University (ru.nl)