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Frank Wensink, PhD student

Frank Wensink investigates the hydrogenation of CO2 by using a catalyst, to see if he can turn carbon dioxide into hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons can for example be used as alternative to fossil fuels. Frank chose this subject because it is fundamental research with high societal relevance. “To me, all aspects of energy are fascinating. And it is important as we need more and more.”


Turning carbon dioxide into hydrocarbons is not new,but is it now only possible under high pressure and at a high temperature.  More researchers around the

globe are trying to find a more practical way, in different manners. Frank’s angle is with FELICE light and the use of clusters.

During his master he did an internship at the NMR Laboratory and at Akzo Nobel. He noticed that he is a real go-getter. “You can’t plan what you will find as what we are doing is all new and unexplored. During my internship at the NMR Laboratory I found some pretty cool results right at the end. I stayed for a bit longer to investigate this, as the rush to uncover unexplored terrain thrives me. That’s also why I chose for this PhD at HFML-FELIX.”