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Irina Dolgikh, PhD student

Irina is doing her PhD on ultrafast dynamics in physics. She joined the research group of Alexey Kimel for two years and then moves to HFML-FELIX for two years. She proceeds with the research done by Jonas Becker, who did his PhD on Ultrafast Laser Induced Magnetization Dynamics in High Magnetic Fields.

Dolgikh, Irina

Irina studied at the Moscow State University. She used magneto-optics to study the chirality of matter. Irina’s parents are into math. She is also good at it, but she chose physics as she likes to uncover the deep mechanisms of nature’s law.
"I like to learn something new.  As soon as I get the hang of it, I lose interest. I did some horse riding, learned how to paint. But when I knew how to do it, I moved over to something else." As there is still enough to discover in her field of  research she will probably stick around here for a while.