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Maurice Bal, PhD student

After his study Applied Physics in Enschede, Maurice Bal joined the group of Uli Zeitler to study the THz AC conductivity in semiconductors, while at the same time develop an experimental setup that is capable of resistively detecting cyclotron resonances. He began optimizing the setup, both electrically as well as optically.

"The fact that the FELIX infrared radiation plays such a prominent role in my research makes it challenging and interesting, especially considering that the combination of high magnetic fields and free-electron lasers is fairly unique in the world.
In my time off I like to build or fix things. I start figuring out what needs to be built, tinker away (in a professional way), and then get things up running exactly as I want. Preferably ending in some nice results. Actually, it's quite like my work here at HFML- FELIX."

Maurice Bal