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Nils Deßmann, postdoc

Nils started in August 2018 as a postdoc. He is the station master of the pump-probe userstation. One of his main tasks is to maintain the two pump-probe setups, as well as preparing and assisting the research done by external users. He is present during shifts, to help and adjust things when needed.

Meet nils

"It is a technical and scientific job. It may sound obvious, but during my PhD I learned that even smallest experimental negligence will lead to serious problems in interpreting the measured data, especially when beam time is limited like at FELs. Taking this as a guideline almost every shift motivates small technical details to be improved."

HFML-FELIX is not new for Nils, as he was here before as a user. Actually, he has seen quite a few FELs. FELBE in Dresden, CLIO near Paris, and even NovoFEL in Novosibirsk, Siberia. Nils’ interest is in classical semiconductors. He currently investigates carrier dynamics and non-linear processes in silicon doped with different impurities. Besides the fundamental interest, it offers a promising basis for the implementation of  solid-state quantum computer architectures.