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Tim de Bruin, software engineer

“In a business environment, an 8 is considered a perfectly fine end result. As long as the product works and the costumer is happy, the company is happy as well. But I don’t like to work that way. I strive for perfection, so I want to polish-up even the smallest details. That is why HFML-FELIX matches my personality. Here, I am given the space to aim for a 10 and I feel supported in my mentality of not being satisfied with an 8.

I am an industrial automation software engineer, which means that I have knowledge to work with the many different software components in the power converters, cooling installations and other apparatus that are needed to create and maintain magnetic fields. I design, develop and test the PLCs (programmable controllers) that are used to control the magnet equipment.

Tim de Bruin, photo by Gideon Laureijs

When I give tours and show our installations, it is great to see people's faces when I tell them that all the equipment in our building results in a high magnetic field of only a few square centimeters! I previously worked in various kinds of industrial automation. For example sea and inland shipping, the food industry and the yacht and aircraft industry.

You could say I am a science-minded guy: I have always had an above average interest in physics. That is why I am so excited to be working at HFML - FELIX.
I am focussing on the hybrid magnet system that is currently being built. That is an enormous job. For the moment I am busy establishing a library filled with different programming components that we can use for all the different systems. That will make the difficult job of designing the hybrid software a bit easier to tackle. Ultimately, I want the 45 Tesla magnet software to be good, but also easy to use by both internal and external users.”