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Yu-Te Hsu, postdoc

"During my PhD in Cambridge, I studied the electrical transport and magnetic properties of high-temperature superconductors. I’ve learned that a high magnetic field is a very powerful tool to investigate materials. In Nijmegen I will continue the quest to understand high-temperature superconductors and also explore a new class of materials called ‘correlated topological materials,’ in which the electron-electron interactions can give rise to new physics.

I am also going to develop new tools that provide a new window for discovery. With the right machinery and tools you can see and study many different phases of matter. For example, a magnetic field can turn a material that conducts no electricity to a superconductor. The playing ground of exploring new materials is very exciting!

Meet yu te

Being an experimental physicist gives me the privilege to learn more about nature by using the gadgets I’ve built. It also means I keep learning new things from people from different research areas. At HFML - FELIX, there is a unique synergy. The doors of the leading scientists are always open and scientists from all around the world are happy to tell you about their latest discoveries. This vibrant research environment is very inspiring."