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Other pages:

  • Femtosecond electron bunches: electro-optic detection
  • Temporally resolved electro-optic effect
  • Terahertz (THz) communication
  • Optical single side band modulator for THz frequencies
  • Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy
  • Triphenylamine: spectroscopy and structure
  • Benzotriazole: first identifcation of the 2H tautomer in the gas phase
  • Phenol and Phenol-water clusters: spectroscopy and structure
  • Isomer selective IR spectroscopy of the protonated water hexamer
  • Alignment and reorientation of molecules
  • Forensic applications of Infrared Ion Spectroscopy
  • Infrared multiple photon dissociation (IRMPD)
  • Isomer specific two color double resonance ion spectroscopy (IR2MS3)
  • Molecular identification in metabolomics using infrared ion spectroscopy
  • Infrared spectroscopy of protonated neurotransmitters: dopamine, histamine, serotonin
  • Para-Coumeric Acid: Non-Equilibrium Isomer Distribution of the Gas-Phase Photoactive Yellow Protein Chromophore
  • Infrared spectroscopy of aniline and the aniline cation
  • IRMPD on cytosine complexes: metal ions and i-motif
  • Polyproline conformations and fragments
  • Detection of Fluoromethamphetamine (2-FMA, 3-FMA, 4-FMA)
  • Infrared spectroscopy of ions in helium droplets
  • iminol
  • Synthetic drug isomers
  • Hydrogenated Fullerenes