Faculty of Science
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Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Maarten van Delft

Graduate Students

Claudius Müller

Jasper Linnartz

Thom Ottenbros

Davide Pizzirani

Arwin Kool


Chiara Cocchi


Former Members

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Sergio Pezzini

Dr. Yu-Te Hsu

Graduate Students

Maryam Shahrokhvand, HFML, Radboud University, 2015-2019 graduated 2 Oct. 2019

Maarten van Delft, HFML, Radboud University, 2015-2019 graduated 4 Jun. 2019

Thomas Khouri, HFML, Radboud University, 2013-2017 graduated 5 Jun. 2018

Francesca Chiappini, HFML, Radboud University,2012-2016, graduated 6 Jan. 2017

Andreas Jost, HFML, Radboud University, 2011-2015, graduated 13 Jun. 2017


Milo Kluver

Tom Akkerman -> TNO

Pim van den Berg -> PhD Student, University of Twente

Davide Pizzirani (Master thesis: Unraveling the electronic properties of LaIn3-xSnx)

Joel Gielen (Bachelor thesis: 'Capacitive dilatometry on lead halide perovskites')

Maxime Gidding (Master thesis: 'Numerical analysis of magnetic quantum oscillations') -> PhD Student Condensed Matter Physics, FELIX Laboratory

Jasper Linnartz (Master thesis: 'Quantum Oscillation Study on Novel
Topological Phases of Matter') -> PhD Student in my team, HFML

Jo-Anne Kragt (Master thesis: 'Quantum Hall effects in semiconductor nanostructures)

Alexander Bobel (Master thesis: 'High‐field magnetostriction and thermal expansion') -> TüV Südwest (project leader)

Claudius Müller (Master thesis: 'Extensive Magnetic Oscillation Study
of Nodal Line Dirac Semimetals') -> PhD Student in my team, HFML

Federico Fedele (Master thesis: 'Ambipolar Quantum Hall Effect and
Shubnikov-de Haas Oscillations of the 2D Topological Insulator Candidate InAs/GaSb')

Marielle Meijer (Master thesis: 'Is negative longitudinal magneto-
resistance a generic phenomenon?') -> PhD Student TU Eindhoven

Maarten Berben (Master thesis: 'Magnetostriction in High Magnetic Fields') -> PhD Student with Prof. N.E. Hussey, HFML

Jeremy de Wit (Bachelor thesis: 'Magnetotransport in ZrSiS')

Roel Peters (Bachelor thesis: 'Transport properties of topological Kondo insulator

Lara Depla (Bachelor thesis: 'Magneto-transport in 2D and 3D HgTe based topological insulator')

Jop van Dijk (Bachelor thesis: 'Anomalous Negative Magnetoresistance on a 3D Topological Insulator')

Misha Fedorov (Bachelor thesis: 'Quantum Hall effect in HgTe quantum well structures and beyond')

Vincent Repko (Bachelor thesis: 'Fractional quantum Hall effect in high quality two-dimensional systems')

Visiting Graduate Students

Fernando Silva Pena (CAPES Scholaship/Brazil), Universidade Federal de Itajubá

Anderson Okazaki (CAPES Scholaship/Brazil), Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais, São José dos Campos