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Andrei Kirilyuk receives green IT voucher

Date of news: 28 June 2019

The Faculty of Science of Radboud University awarded three research teams  a voucher to get started with their innovation and collaboration project in the field of Green Information Technology. Andrei Kirilyuk led one of the teams.

Future of Green Data Storage
Kirilyuk proposed to create a network of private-public partnership on concepts of data storage. It is based on three novel concepts of storage recently discovered at the Faculty of Science: molecular-level storage on polymer chains, dissipationless ultrafast magnetic recording and information storage on the level of a single atom.
The team wants to organize a workshop with Novio Tech Campus to exchange recent discoveries in the university world, arising concepts of novel approaches to storage and the actual needs of industry.


Prof. Andrei Kirilyuk, Dean of the Faculty of Science prof. Lutgarde Buydens, co applicant associate prof. Hans Elemans