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Date of news: 25 October 2021

Levitational assembly of biological tissue, super-efficient and fast data storage, identification of molecules that can indicate severe diseases in an early stage. These are only a few examples of the innovative research done at our facility, the only place in the world where scientists can use super strong continuous magnets and intense (far) infrared light from a free electron laser for their research.

20211025 Screenshot virtual tour HFMl-FELIX magnets and lasers explanation

360 degree virtual tour

Take a look inside our building on the campus of Radboud University via a 360 degree virtual tour. The tour includes normally inaccessible zones such as the confined underground area where the invisible, super intense laser light is made. You can zoom in on all the machinery and equipment. In short videos the staff tells you more about the instruments and the research performed. Access the virtual tour via https://virtualtours.360totaal.nl/tour/hfml-felix

20211025 screenshot virtual tour HFML-FELIX making the FELIX light