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Mayor Hubert Bruls visits HFML-FELIX

Date of news: 16 December 2022

Nijmegen's mayor, Hubert Bruls, visited the HFML-FELIX laboratory last week.  After attending a short presentation about the facility and its unique possibilities, he and his colleague took part in a tour of our facilities and even got a glimpse of the new 45 tesla hybrid magnet still under construction. During this tour around the building, our directors Peter Christianen and Britta Redlich accompanied the mayor to provide some context and explanation for the different equipment and installations. 

bruls 2

During his visit, mayor Bruls also spoke with some of our researchers on-site. This gave them the opportunity to tell him some more about their research and the possible applications for the city of Nijmegen in the future. It was a pleasure to see the head of our town take part in the experience with genuine interest and an open mind!