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Webinar with Paragraf™ on successful graphene sensor tests

Date of news: 2 November 2021

Paragraf™, the Cambridge graphene component specialist, has successfully tested graphene Hall sensors at HFML-FELIX. On Wednesday December 1, Paragraf™ and HFML-FELIX will organize a joint webinar to share and discuss the results of the tests.


The announcement on the Paragraf website

The Paragraf™ GHS-C sensors support operation in magnetic fields up to 30 T and at cryogenic temperatures (down to 1.5 K). Examples of suitable applications for these sensors include low temperature quantum computing, high-field magnet monitoring in next generation MRI systems, fusion energy field control, particle accelerators, and other scientific and medical instrumentation.

A great compliment from Paragraf’s CEO, Simon Thomas, as he says: “We are grateful to the team at HFML - FELIX for their assistance in helping us prove the ultra-high magnetic field capabilities of our sensors.”
Uli Zeitler, professor Semiconductors and Nanostructures at HFML-FELIX, adds: “We are always keen to contribute meaningfully to the development of new instrumentation for high magnetic fields. Additionally, the fundamental physics going on in these graphene-based sensors is also very relevant for us from a scientific point of view.”

You can now register for the webinar.