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Prizes, awards and grants 2015

  • STW grant
    For the program ‘Innovative Magnetic Density Separation for the optimal use of resources and energy’

  • Minerva Prize
    For research on a new, innovative method to obtain information about the three-dimensional structure of small biological molecules. This method is the first to make use of far infrared light for this purpose

  • Vidi grant
    To provide a firm base for the determination of the extraterrestrial forms and formats of PAH's by measuring the infrared characteristics of astronomically sized PAHs (approximately 50-100 carbon atoms)

  • Mildred Dresselhaus Award
    The junior ‘young star’ award for successful work in physical chemistry specializing on the investigation of biomolecular systems like proteins

  • With the education award, the Faculty of Science aims to honour a noteworthy accomplishment in education that has a long lasting impact