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Minerva Prize

Date of news: 20 January 2016

During Physics@FOM Veldhoven - the largest physics congress in The Netherlands - Anouk Rijs was awarded the Minerva Prize for her research in the area of biological molecules.

Every two years FOM, the Foundation for Fundamental research on Matter, crowns the best physics publication of a female researcher with the Minerva Prize. This year Anouk Rijs receives the prize for her effort. The committee was highly impressed by the quality of one of her articles that was published in April 2014 in 'Angewandte Chemie International Edition'.

In the article Rijs describes a new, innovative method for obtaining information about the three-dimensional structure of small biological molecules. Her method is the first to make use of far infrared light for this purpose.

Anouk Rijs

Dr. Anouk Rijs (right) with Minister Bussemaker (credits: FOM/Bram Saeys)


Gas-phase peptide structures unraveled by far-IR spectroscopy, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Vol 53, issue 14, 3663-3666, April 2014