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NWO TTW (former STW) grant to apply FELIX in metabolomics research

Date of news: 1 November 2017

FELIX researchers Oomens and Berden have secured a grant of the Applied dand Engineering Science  group of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO-TTW). They receive more than 0.5 M€ to develop analytical applications of the infrared ion spectroscopy (IRIS) method originally developed at FELIX.

IRIS combines mass spectrometry (MS) and IR spectroscopy so that a vibrational spectrum can be recorded for an individual compound hidden in a complex mixture, such as a body fluid sample. Together with Radboudumc researchers Wevers and Kluijtmans, they will apply these methods to the identification of metabolites that may serve as biomarkers for inborn errors of metabolism. IR spectral data will be made available via the Human Metabolome Database.

It is envisioned that the method can be used to identify unknown small-molecule compounds in complex mixtures in general, not limited to body fluid samples. The user panel of the project further contains representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, MS instrument manufacturers, plant sciences at Wageningen and the analytical technologies platform COAST.