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Prizes, awards and grants 2018

  • John B. Fenn ASMS Award
    For pioneering contributions to the development of ion mobility spectrometry (IMS)

  • National Roadmap Grant
    To enable an expansion in the capabilities of the suite of free-electron lasers and to install three dedicated research laboratories

  • NWO Start up
    To establish a novel spectroscopic method to acquire high-resolution rotational spectra of molecular ions under isolated conditions in a cryogenic ion trap instrument

  • IMM thesis award
    For outstanding work on the fundamental understanding of the shape transformation of nanovesicles in an interdisciplinary research environment

  • NWO Materials for sustainability
    To convert greenhouse gas into fuel

  • EU FET open grant
    To increase yields in agri- and horticulture with a new approach, based on the development and application of molecular temperature controllers

  • NWO LIFT grant
    To target the structural analysis of metabolic products of novel pharmaceuticals