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NWO grant to convert greenhouse gas into fuel

Date of news: 22 January 2018

The greenhouse gas CO2 can be transformed into portable fuels such as methanol, providing a pathway for a circular fuel economy. The chemical process is, however, quite energy intensive. The design of new catalysts that could make this process less energy demanding is hindered by a lack of understanding of even the first step in the current industrial process. The catalysis team at FELIX led by Joost Bakker will use FELIX to study fundamental interactions between copper particles, active heart of the current catalyst, and methanol. The research is complemented by a team from Leiden University (dr. Ludo Juurlink and dr Joerg Meyer) who will study the same reactions on curved copper surfaces. This research is part of NWO’s  Materials for Sustainability program and is also supported by the private partner VSParticle B.V.

clusters+co2For more information, contact Joost Bakker