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Flash poster prize on NVMS-BSMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry

PhD student Rianne van Outersterp wins ‘flash’ prize for introduction on her poster on the 4th NVMS-BSMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry.

From 31st of March till 2nd of April 2019 the 4th NVMS-BSMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry was held. The conference was organized by the Dutch and Belgian Societies for Mass Spectrometry and hosted a number of scientific lectures covering a broad range of topics. Plenary lectures from renowned scientists were alternated with parallel sessions with contributed talks from academic, government, and industrial scientists.

Rianne van Outersterp

PhD Students could give short ‘flash’ introductions to their posters during specific sessions. Rianne van Outersterp convincingly presented her poster about small molecule identification with IRIS: development and applications. She won the Flash Presentation Award, a prize of 1.000 euro.