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Reducing global warming will require a number of innovative solutions, including
finding ways to produce energy from clean and renewable sources and learning to use energy in the most effective way. Two examples of our research:

HFML-FELIX to shine a new light on low cost solar power

Solar power offers great promise, but the use is hampered because it is too expensive. Research is directed towards low cost, easy-to-fabricate, flexible, thin film solar cells with high efficiency.
A key example of a promising new concept in organic solar power is singlet-fission, in which 1 photon leads to 2 units of electrical current, with the potential to double the performance. A full understanding can only be gained by high field pulsed electron-spin-resonance within the HFML-FELIX combination.

solar power

Revolutionizing data storage efficiency with FELIX light

To reduce the energy consumption for data storage, we study alternative ways to
manipulate, process and store data. We aim to achieve low energy, all-optical switching of magnetic bits using free-electron laser light. This could lead to magnetic memory devices that use 6-8 orders of magnitude less energy.