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The development of new methods in health and life sciences is an important task
where our unique infrastructure plays a distinctive role.

FELIX light to identify metabolic biomarkers

We work together with the Radboud university medical center (Radboudumc) on the discovery of new biomarkers for metabolic diseases. Taking advantage of the selectivity and sensitivity when combining FELIX infrared ion spectroscopy and mass spectrometry, we can provide a structural fingerprint of small molecules in biological samples, like blood or urine. This new and unique methodology is generating exciting new possibilities to better understand metabolic diseases and develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.


Magnets to help deliver drugs on the right spot and reduce side effects

One of the challenges of current medical treatments is how to administer drugs with a minimum of side effects. The idea of targeted drug delivery is to transport the drug to the right place in the body.

Magnets can help to develop new concepts using specially designed nanomotors that are susceptible to a magnetic field, to load the capsules with drugs (red) and propel them along magnetic field (grey lines) to the targeted position (red cloud), so that other parts of the body remain unexposed.